Sunday, April 15, 2012

well, hello.

happy beautiful sunday evening. yes, i'm very guilty of not blogging for over two months. life has been overwhelmingly crazy but amazing at the same time. any ounce of free time i've had is spent with that pretty cute husband of mine. here are a few updates from the past sixty~something days..

~1~ we bought a new vacuum. yes this is both BIG and exciting news. we have needed a new vacuum since pretty much the beginning of our marriage...and the boy did some  a ridiculous amount of research, i saved up the coupons and we purchased a beautiful little number called the shark.

~2~ i'm about a month away from completing my first year of grad school {yikes} and i've been swimming in homework this entire semester... hence the two month absence from blogging.

~3~ the boy has gone on a couple of drill weekends and an additional training that gave us more details on the deployment status and dates...yay {said very sarcastically}.

~4~ i've been only listening to gungor radio on pandora and soaking it up.

~5~ instagram is now available for the android...about stinkin' time. so yes, please begin to enjoy my instagram pictures from now on :)

~6~ lastly...we are currently in escrow on a little house { :D } if all goes as planned we should be closing and starting the move a week from today. so needless to say, any spare moment we have has been packing up the apartment.

first insta ever..taking a picture of my boy and then my coffee and easter candy :)

the boy's trip to the grocery store..the essentials of course and my white lights in a vase, before i packed them.

my spring wreath..again before packing it and lynnee sandwiched between my shirts as i was folding laundry..always being a helper. 

lastly.. our guest bathroom is currently our storage unit..brilliant. the bathtub is full of boxes and now lynnee has her own jungle gym :)

happy rest of your week.