coast guard

the coast guard became apart of our lives shortly after our first year of marriage
we were praying and seeking the direction God wanted us to go
...doors would open and close....
 until our hearts led us to a reservist in the united states coast guard.  

we don't experience the day to day military life, but it's definitely present in our lives
he leaves for drills every month, is frequently gone for trainings
and there is a deployment in our near future.

it has been affirmed in more ways than one that coast guard was and is a part of God's perfect plan
we are excited to see how He continues to use it c:

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  1. Love your blog! God keeps leading me to God lovin blogs like yours! Thank you for being a witness and shining so bright! You are lovely and remind me of the proverbs 31:10 woman I aspire to be. May God bless you richly in all you do and say and his mighty glorious light shine upon you and your family.