Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a break to blog

my breaks lately have been defined as
a chance to do the dishes, fold laundry or clean up the house
but i call them my breaks because i treat myself to hulu while i'm completing these chores :)

today has been a little caddywhompus
i had a make up session scheduled and canceled
then tried fitting in a student to run assessments but that didn't happen
then work meetings being postponed and then last minute texts of 'we're back on'
currently i'm at starbucks after my meeting, killing time and putting off some overdue reading..

since everything else has been crazy
i decided to push my to do list aside and visit some of my favorite blogs
and do a quick recap on my life.

visiting virginia

i believe i mentioned this but just in was pure perfection :)
i started my post on it but have only gotten to day two will be up soon...

romans chapter twelve

this chapter has been on my heart so much lately
i feel as if i can read it over and over and still pull something new from it
not conforming to the patterns of this world
staying humble and recognizing God's work through me
love as an action
with the craziness of life, getting all my assignments and work days complete
i sometimes forget that my day should be full of serving and loving others
i want to be different from the world, i want God to shine through me in everything i do
i LOVE this chapter.


luckily i have several november birthdays coming up
an excuse to bake and craft, which i've been deprived up lately
i have loved these cake pops every since i saw them at starbucks...
of course i found the recipe on pinterest and will be attempting them soon.

husband winning

so i have received yet another present surprise from the boy last night
{that's three for him and only two for me}
my phone is my lifeline to work, school and most importantly 
my boy
but because i'm on it constantly, it's always dying :(
so he bought me a mobile power pack external battery thing
...not going to lie, i'm not tech savvy at all...
luckily the boy is, he said that i can recharge my phone up to four times 
with this dodad...just plug it in in my purse and i'm set...sweet! came with a velvet pouch... i scored.
you can see miss lynnee loves it too :)
yup, that boy is the best.

things i love: thursdays

so i'm thinking about starting a weekly post about the little things in life
you know..the things that just make you smile?
i thought it would:
a) keep me accountable for at least one blog a week
b) keep me positive about those little things i love
plus if i ever fall behind 
since 'things' starts with a 't'
it could always be 'things i love: tuesday'
yup...i thought that one out.

that sums it up
it was fun catching up
i'm off to a case to train a new tutor :)

happy hump day!

Friday, October 21, 2011

back to reality.

i'm back.
back from my break from life
where i spent three and a half amazing days with my boy
escaping the reality of homework, work and school
being with my best friend
it was perfection.

but the second i missed my connecting flight home
i realized i was back to reality.
playing catch up at work and continuing on with the craziness of school.

my trip was refreshing
seeing that boy was so encouraging.

plus he has finally convinced me to drop a case at work
which means about an extra seven hours to my week :)
devote a little more 'me' time to my schedule.

so near future blogging will include
my trip
new crafties
transition from summer to fall decor
{yes my house is still full of patriotic summerness}
those seven hours will go towards all my pinterest loves

until next time after my case gets covered :)

happy friday

Thursday, October 13, 2011


waiting for my flight
{deep breath...}

enjoying my free wifi 
catching up on my season five army wives
{it's on netflix instant view now!}

sipping on my beautiful glass of merlot
{the bar tender took sympathy on me and poured a little more than 9 oz}

i made it
{and may i say that i kicked grad school's butt!}
i got all my assignments completed, big projects finished
and i'm a week ahead on everything.

so i can spend a perfect three and a half days
with my boy.
{yup it was allllll worth it}

next post...expect lots of handsome pictures of that boy :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

holy toledo sunday again

this week has been class, student teaching, studying, work, and NONSTOP homework
but it's all been focused on the boy
because i leave in four days  to see him!

holy toledo it's going to be worth it.
i am caught up and almost ahead to where i need to be
so my days with my hubby can be focused on us and only US.

it is sunday again.
last sunday i took the morning off, focusing on God and enjoying the little things.
it most definitely paid off, because i could have not accomplished my week with out Him.

this sunday is a little different.
decided to catch up on my neglected blogs instead of working out :)
it's probably going to be a makeup~less and sweats day
and just a LITTLE less homework and a little more trip planning
my perfect caramel salted hot chocolate with all the extra amazingness 
will still come when i hit up my study group later this evening.
so all is good and right in my world. 

enjoy your sunday. let God use you in amazing ways.
{once this post goes up i'm back to obeying my crazy to do list}

Sunday, October 2, 2011


i woke up this morning with sun streaming in my window, birds chirping and lynnee attacking the mirror on our wardrobe :)  after last nights reflection, i felt it on my heart to take some time to enjoy the little things.

i laid in bed for a half an hour, cuddled with lynnee and talked to my God.

then went to the gym...seriously haven't ran in months and it felt so good!

afterwards i went ran over to the store and bought new toothpaste 
{i accidentally bought the gross flavor last week, tried to ignore it and deal, but just couldn't}
i saw a bouquet of lilies and got them for the house

aren't they pretty and perfect?

i slowly drank and enjoyed my coffee in a pretty cup while getting ready
usually my morning coffee is thrown in a traveling mug
and gulped down on my way teaching
i also took the extra minutes for eye shadow...oh la la

still had some time before church so i played with lynnee
who had been following me around all morning

church was amazing. worship was perfect.

i decided to take the back roads home, so much prettier and curvier than the highway
listened to the music my boy had sent me and drove by all of God's beautiful creation

i saw starbucks on the way home and knew it was time for my salted caramel hot chocolate
i had been waiting for the weather to cool down just a little more...
but today i was going to settle with 70 degrees and get it
oh was it perfection
i asked for a tall salted caramel hot chocolate with extra whip, extra caramel and extra salt
bless her heart she put it in a grande cup to insure my extra amazingness
i couldn't resist and took a sip before taking a picture

i saw this sign and thought it was pretty cute... :)

came home, lit a candle and it's homework time
still doing it now...just took a little break

it was so refreshing taking that little time off, away from the worries of homework
putting God first and taking sometime for myself
my homework has been whizzing by...seriously all my readings made sense, my responses and papers have been just flowing perfectly. i'm actually caught up on what's due this week already and working on getting ahead right now. life is so much easier when God comes first.

oh, plus the boy had an extra duty day and studying
we still got to have some skype time and watched our favorite show
parks and recreation together.

yup, today was pretty amazing and renewing. just what i needed. 

god's to do list

the past few weeks i've been a little distant from God
distracted by the craziness of life and not seeking him everyday
only calling upon him when i think i need him 

i've been attempting to accomplish my to do list by myself, and solely myself
my mindset has been the following:
i'm working hard to be a good steward with what God has given me
if i put off devotions it's only because i'm trying to bring Him glory by doing my best at school and work
hmm...what sounds wrong with this?

oh but i did not realize this on my own
last night i was making my to do list on all the things that needed to be done before i left to see the boy
makeup sessions for work, papers and assignments due during my trip
i was beginning to feel overwhelmed
lindsay, why don't you let me help?
i stopped writing. 
my initial response was, well because i can do it myself
but then i reflected that every time i try to do things myself, things are harder
when i involve God, my things are lighter

i set aside my list and began to pray
i prayed that God would fix my mindset
i prayed that God would tell me the next step
put me first before your things, and i'll make sure your things are accomplished
{yup He definitely said 'things' because in my prayer i kept referring to them as all my 'things'}

it's so easy to get caught up with life
i feel like i put so many of my tasks as my priority
it's amazing how easily i forget to put the one who saved me first in my life

so blessed to have a God who loves me despite my craziness and my neglectfulness
He loves me enough to remind me, forgive me and never leave me
{how stinkin' amazing is his grace?}
God is most definitely number one on my to do list again.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

recycle please

so the boy and i try our best to recycle in our apartment
. . .
we have a trash can with a lid for trash
and a trash can without a lid for recycling
but whenever there are friends over
we find trash in our recycling ... lame.

so as an excuse for not doing homework
i decided to solve the problem.

99 cent store high school musical three chalk board
{i soaked and peeled off the HSM decor}
then i hot glued wine corks to the side and cute out paper that spells
hmm..maybe people with get the hint now :)
my favorite part is the beer bottle cap glued onto a magnet 
{promise i really don't drink that much!}