Monday, June 24, 2013

a little san fran

well, husband has been on orders for the past i made a very last minute trip to see him for a full 24 hours. so thankful for summer time and the opportunity for spontaneous moments like these. 

since he is training in san francisco, we spent the majority of the day being the ultimate tourists...gazing at the skyline and enjoying the best of clam chowder bread bowls that pier 39 has to offer.

we walked up and then down the telegraph hill steps. 

and a few more miles of walking to find the most important destination...a little ghirardelli amazing'ness. later we caught a movie, got some delicious pho and then i was off for the drive home, in order to make it back for the manic monday c: the perfect trip to see my love. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

a graduate and a summer

well, hello and welcome c:  it was been a long, incredible two years but i officially have my education specialist credential in moderate~severe! {and you better believe i have my hands in the air, doing a happy dance right now}. i am so blessed to have gone through the program i did and excited to pursue the calling God has placed on my heart.
here's to my husband, who has been nothing but supportive of my insane and ridiculously stressed`out`self. boy do i love him.
and now here's to the summer break. we have quite the budgeted list of home improvements and i'm excited to share each and every one`of `them.  HAPPY SUMMER c: