Monday, February 13, 2012

i heart homework breaks

i love decorating for the different's just fun. i've had the valentine love'ness up since before school started..partially because i was excited to change the mood of our winter apartment..and also because i knew once school started it would be difficult to set aside time to bust out the hearts. anyway, the boy was gone for drill this weekend, which meant i had no one to pester on my sunday homework breaks. so i decided to be somewhat productive and take a few quick pictures of the valentines day stuff. happy looking :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

super bowl and baked brie

super bowl sunday...i spent the entire morning working on homework trying to get done in time for super bowl festivities, and yet i still had to bring it to the party. yes i was the lame one nerding out on a case study and only paying attention to the commercials :) but there was a beer in my hand and amazing friends around i can't really complain :) any'who..earlier that morning the boy ran to the store for me to get the ingredients, then came home and helped me prepare my favorite appetizer my aunt taught me when i was younger. festive brie huh?? here's how you make it:

homemade habanero berry jam, brown sugar and chopped up pecans on top of the brie. cover it with crescent roll dough and use the left over to make fun design or picture. bake it at 350. i put these two in together and it took about fifteen or so minutes. depending on the size of the brie just adjust the time and keep your eye on it. i've also used regular jam or even just the pecans and brown sugar is pretty stinkin' amazing. if you're bringing it to a friends house, prep it at home and ask if you can bake it there...then it's warm perfect gooey'ness won't go to waste. 

sorry for the blurry pictures..took them on my phone
not to mention the boy and his friend kept waving hands and knives in front of it
so in my efforts not to get cut and have a good took about fourteen attempts. 

the boy helped with the football...i knew the shape, but lost when it came to the details.

can you see the knife in this picture..bottom left 
ha! attempt to fully ruin my picture..failed!

Friday, February 3, 2012

picture frame whiteboards

i'm a huge fan using the picture frame white board idea. extremely and ridiculously simple. all you need is a picture frame, scrapbook paper and a dry erase pen...amazing yes? it's works wonders the kids i work with  because they choose the design/color of paper to have in the background {love that the littlest things are the most motivating for kids}. you can also run lessons by printing pages in the back..identifying body parts, math or just practicing their's fun to get creative with it. just remember that it is glass and most frames have sharp rule is it stays at the table. okay enough kid talk, here's what i did for my o' so grown up house :)

this idea has been floating around pinterest and i've wanted to do it every since i laid my eyes on it
the boy and i take turns, every so many days and write a new message
sometimes goofy, sometimes super mushy, always uplifting.
{i'm pretty stoked i got him to participate}

well school is back in session {and the boys home!} so we needed some organization for the meal situation
my schedule is different every day and night so obviously i pinned this idea off pinterest.

i super glued the wine corks at the bottom if i wanted to add a recipe or note to the boy
he's been helping out big time with our various dinners so it's not all on me :)
if it tastes's his fault ;)
eventually i want to put it on the wall..but for now it will hang out right here.

another tidbit...i forgot to mention if you're adding stickers put them on the paper not the glass
then you can save some mulu and reuse the picture frame
the scrapbook frame above was first used for a school project,
after i took pictures for my portfolio, i took it apart 
and wahla! a menu.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

the kind of day off

thursday {as of now} is the day of no class, no student teaching, no work
it's a catch up/attempt to get ahead on assignments kind of day
it's a run errands and pay bills kind of day 
..i feel we can all attest to these kind of 'days off'!

on the flip side...i get to see the boy when he comes home for lunch
i get to smell candles, consume yummy drinks and sweets
and as a bonus...i can stay in my the boy's sweats 
all day long :)

day off  meets comfy productive day.