Tuesday, July 3, 2012

birdie hangout

it's official, i've become a tad bird crazy {check out the obsession from my hummingbird and bird bath posts}. i got this idea from life on the balcony where they use lumber and washers and bolts and nails...which is a little too much work for me, especially when the boy is not home. instead i picked up a picture frame from the thrift store and the baby terra cotta pot from home depot. since i already had the hemp, bird seed and spray paint, this project cost me two dollars c:

here's how i did it: 
1. lightly spray painted the picture frame.
2. used a hot glue gun and attached hemp to either side of the frame. this allowed it hang and kept the front of the frame facing our kitchen window.
3. tied a little hemp around my terra cotta pot and hot glued the base of the pot to the picture frame.
4. then i hung it on a branch and filled it with bird seed.

i may have overfilled it...but i wanted the birds to know where the food was at c:
caught lynnee licking her lips...luckily the birdie hangout is out of her reach c:

Monday, July 2, 2012

herbs and birds

a birdie bath and some future eats, inspiration came from this incredible woman.
these are two of the three terra cotta pots i purchased on my thrift store score day, herbs {sweet basil and rosemary} from the home depot, also bought a saucer to hold the water and rocks, and our little step stool was free {and absolutely perfect in every way}.

for the flower pots:
i placed them upside down on a towel and spray painted white, i like that it left a little rim of terra cotta on top. after they were dry i simply took a sharpie and wrote on them, then transferred my herbs on over. i've watered them numerous times already and they've stayed perfectly intact c:

i've already caught a few birdies taking a bath. maybe, just MAYBE someday i could catch them with a camera in hand c: