Sunday, October 9, 2011

holy toledo sunday again

this week has been class, student teaching, studying, work, and NONSTOP homework
but it's all been focused on the boy
because i leave in four days  to see him!

holy toledo it's going to be worth it.
i am caught up and almost ahead to where i need to be
so my days with my hubby can be focused on us and only US.

it is sunday again.
last sunday i took the morning off, focusing on God and enjoying the little things.
it most definitely paid off, because i could have not accomplished my week with out Him.

this sunday is a little different.
decided to catch up on my neglected blogs instead of working out :)
it's probably going to be a makeup~less and sweats day
and just a LITTLE less homework and a little more trip planning
my perfect caramel salted hot chocolate with all the extra amazingness 
will still come when i hit up my study group later this evening.
so all is good and right in my world. 

enjoy your sunday. let God use you in amazing ways.
{once this post goes up i'm back to obeying my crazy to do list}

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