Sunday, October 2, 2011


i woke up this morning with sun streaming in my window, birds chirping and lynnee attacking the mirror on our wardrobe :)  after last nights reflection, i felt it on my heart to take some time to enjoy the little things.

i laid in bed for a half an hour, cuddled with lynnee and talked to my God.

then went to the gym...seriously haven't ran in months and it felt so good!

afterwards i went ran over to the store and bought new toothpaste 
{i accidentally bought the gross flavor last week, tried to ignore it and deal, but just couldn't}
i saw a bouquet of lilies and got them for the house

aren't they pretty and perfect?

i slowly drank and enjoyed my coffee in a pretty cup while getting ready
usually my morning coffee is thrown in a traveling mug
and gulped down on my way teaching
i also took the extra minutes for eye shadow...oh la la

still had some time before church so i played with lynnee
who had been following me around all morning

church was amazing. worship was perfect.

i decided to take the back roads home, so much prettier and curvier than the highway
listened to the music my boy had sent me and drove by all of God's beautiful creation

i saw starbucks on the way home and knew it was time for my salted caramel hot chocolate
i had been waiting for the weather to cool down just a little more...
but today i was going to settle with 70 degrees and get it
oh was it perfection
i asked for a tall salted caramel hot chocolate with extra whip, extra caramel and extra salt
bless her heart she put it in a grande cup to insure my extra amazingness
i couldn't resist and took a sip before taking a picture

i saw this sign and thought it was pretty cute... :)

came home, lit a candle and it's homework time
still doing it now...just took a little break

it was so refreshing taking that little time off, away from the worries of homework
putting God first and taking sometime for myself
my homework has been whizzing by...seriously all my readings made sense, my responses and papers have been just flowing perfectly. i'm actually caught up on what's due this week already and working on getting ahead right now. life is so much easier when God comes first.

oh, plus the boy had an extra duty day and studying
we still got to have some skype time and watched our favorite show
parks and recreation together.

yup, today was pretty amazing and renewing. just what i needed. 


  1. Sounds lovely. Funny that our boys both had duty this weekend :-p

  2. Sounds like a much needed relaxing day!

  3. I love that feeling when you havent ran in a couple of months and then you get back in to it! Your Starbucks looks delicious!

    P.S I heard Lindsay's with A's are awesome

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