Sunday, October 2, 2011

god's to do list

the past few weeks i've been a little distant from God
distracted by the craziness of life and not seeking him everyday
only calling upon him when i think i need him 

i've been attempting to accomplish my to do list by myself, and solely myself
my mindset has been the following:
i'm working hard to be a good steward with what God has given me
if i put off devotions it's only because i'm trying to bring Him glory by doing my best at school and work
hmm...what sounds wrong with this?

oh but i did not realize this on my own
last night i was making my to do list on all the things that needed to be done before i left to see the boy
makeup sessions for work, papers and assignments due during my trip
i was beginning to feel overwhelmed
lindsay, why don't you let me help?
i stopped writing. 
my initial response was, well because i can do it myself
but then i reflected that every time i try to do things myself, things are harder
when i involve God, my things are lighter

i set aside my list and began to pray
i prayed that God would fix my mindset
i prayed that God would tell me the next step
put me first before your things, and i'll make sure your things are accomplished
{yup He definitely said 'things' because in my prayer i kept referring to them as all my 'things'}

it's so easy to get caught up with life
i feel like i put so many of my tasks as my priority
it's amazing how easily i forget to put the one who saved me first in my life

so blessed to have a God who loves me despite my craziness and my neglectfulness
He loves me enough to remind me, forgive me and never leave me
{how stinkin' amazing is his grace?}
God is most definitely number one on my to do list again.

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  1. Um beautiful post.. I needed to hear that! Most days I try to set aside time for God and get into the Word. But I need to make it happen more. And not just a certian time, but all the time. Indeed, thank God for his grace! Have a wonderful day!