Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a break to blog

my breaks lately have been defined as
a chance to do the dishes, fold laundry or clean up the house
but i call them my breaks because i treat myself to hulu while i'm completing these chores :)

today has been a little caddywhompus
i had a make up session scheduled and canceled
then tried fitting in a student to run assessments but that didn't happen
then work meetings being postponed and then last minute texts of 'we're back on'
currently i'm at starbucks after my meeting, killing time and putting off some overdue reading..

since everything else has been crazy
i decided to push my to do list aside and visit some of my favorite blogs
and do a quick recap on my life.

visiting virginia

i believe i mentioned this but just in was pure perfection :)
i started my post on it but have only gotten to day two will be up soon...

romans chapter twelve

this chapter has been on my heart so much lately
i feel as if i can read it over and over and still pull something new from it
not conforming to the patterns of this world
staying humble and recognizing God's work through me
love as an action
with the craziness of life, getting all my assignments and work days complete
i sometimes forget that my day should be full of serving and loving others
i want to be different from the world, i want God to shine through me in everything i do
i LOVE this chapter.


luckily i have several november birthdays coming up
an excuse to bake and craft, which i've been deprived up lately
i have loved these cake pops every since i saw them at starbucks...
of course i found the recipe on pinterest and will be attempting them soon.

husband winning

so i have received yet another present surprise from the boy last night
{that's three for him and only two for me}
my phone is my lifeline to work, school and most importantly 
my boy
but because i'm on it constantly, it's always dying :(
so he bought me a mobile power pack external battery thing
...not going to lie, i'm not tech savvy at all...
luckily the boy is, he said that i can recharge my phone up to four times 
with this dodad...just plug it in in my purse and i'm set...sweet! came with a velvet pouch... i scored.
you can see miss lynnee loves it too :)
yup, that boy is the best.

things i love: thursdays

so i'm thinking about starting a weekly post about the little things in life
you know..the things that just make you smile?
i thought it would:
a) keep me accountable for at least one blog a week
b) keep me positive about those little things i love
plus if i ever fall behind 
since 'things' starts with a 't'
it could always be 'things i love: tuesday'
yup...i thought that one out.

that sums it up
it was fun catching up
i'm off to a case to train a new tutor :)

happy hump day!

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  1. Yay, you're back! Can't wait to see the post about your visit!
    Sounds like I should read Romans 12. I'm working my way through the prophets right now and um... its tough. I usually have to do alot of re-reading.
    Can you send me some cake pops? ;-)