Thursday, November 3, 2011

things i love: thursday

phew i made it.
this past week has flown by yet felt like eternity at the same time
how does that even happen??
well here we go, my first...

things i love: thursday

i love candles
i love the smell, the flicker, the glow
oh i love them.

so i found this candle at walmart last month for $4.96
i smelled it and thought 'eh i'll give it a try'
usually i stay away from cheaper candles
but i figured it was martha so i would give her a shot :)
and ooohhh man do i LOVE it!

the second i get home, i light it.
i walk to get the mail and can smell it from my window.
candied caramel pecan...yum.

so a couple days ago i ran by good ole' walmart and picked up more
two candles for under ten dollars...i think YES.

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  1. I'll have to try them! I usually buy the bath and body works candles because they work the best but, they can be a little pricey!