Wednesday, November 16, 2011


things i love thursday

being reunited with your love

today was the homecoming for the husband of my favorite friend
the next best thing to being reunited with your own boy
 is seeing someone else being reunited with theirs
ESPECIALLY these two. 

two years ago i walked into sign language and nicole was wearing a jeremy camp shirt
i always thought she was the 'cool' girl in class and that day i made my move
i asked, 'do you love jesus?'
she replied, 'yes'

that class we were let out early, so we went for a bite to eat and kill time till our next class
we ended up talking through nicole's lecture...oops!
just so happened we both loved jesus as well as 
her boyfriend {at the time} was looking into national guard reserves 
and my husband was investigating coast guard
....hmmm kawinkydink...i think not...JESUS.

since the moment our friendship blossomed 
she married that boy and together we got through
two sets of boot camp, almost two sets of a-school {one more day for me}
and for my dear friend survived one very very long deployment
which i believe gets a round of go ahead and clap away :)

happy reuniting mr. and mrs.
i am so proud and thankful for all you have done. 


  1. YAY! I'm so glad that they are together again!!

    I totally took 2 years of sign language!

  2. well jeez louise, just make me tear up why don't you :D

    our story..sigh..i just love you and i'm so thankful to have you in my life. there's truly no way to describe the thankfulness in my heart for your friendship.

    Jesus is the man :)

    it meant the world to have you there with me yesterday and i'm so happy for you because as we speak you're in the arms of YOUR boy.

    oh em geeee our lives are just about to take off best friend :)

  3. ha, i love how you and nicole met...that is such a freaking cute story! it was a friendship that was meant to be. :)