Friday, November 4, 2011

my morning off

first morning off in forever and i made a 
no homework rule
for the morning at least.

 so i made a birthday package for my sister
which meant i finally got to make my forever 'pinned'
cake pops
i reused my plastic mayo jar
{soaked it super well}
filled it will curling ribbon, pixie sticks,cake pops 
and a birthday note of course
then mailed it off.

hurray for harvest
so i debating on bringing out the christmas decor
just because it took me this long to finally make my home autumnish
but i thought, better late than never
with these few hours i'll at least bring out a few fall things
before i go gun-hoe on christmas.

yes i know halloween is over
but i've been wanting to do this forever
and actually bought the supplies about two months ago
dollar tree tea light holders turned upside down,
filled with candy corn and tea lights placed on top.    

soo not much, but accompanied with my candied caramel pecan candle
makes me happy girl :)
bytheway...thank goodness for pinterest!
all the ideas i couldn't get to this year...are stored for the next
love that!


  1. Love your little decorations :)

    Saw on Pinterest the other day a few cute ones:

    Burlap as a table runner.

    Upside down wine glasses with goodies inside, and pillar candles on top.

    I did a similar decoration in the center of my island.

    Now that Halloween is down, my "fall" decorations are a little pathetic, but I kind of like a break from decorations in my house in November before I go Christmas crazy :)

  2. Ah I love the birthday jar!!! My friend sent me a letter in a gatorade bottle once, it was so fun! I bet she loved getting it, specially with cake pops in it. Mmmmm... =)

  3. cake pops were AMAZING! and your house around Fall time makes me happy and I'm real glad you were able to get some things up :D