Saturday, December 10, 2011

o' christmas tree

so i was going through my blog and realized a had several drafts,
posts i began but because of school craziness wasn't able to wrap up and publish
this week...since school'ness has been winding down...
my goal is to finish up and post these left out posts :)

this one was from last week...

it was a perfect christmas tree pickin' kind of night
i got off work early, put on my fluffy scarf and my pink ear warmers
{pretty much anything to make it feel more wintery'ish}

we made it to the lot and found our perfect little douglas fir
then crammed it into the back of my sedan
mmm...still smells like christmas in a car.

then we hit up o' so faithful walmart
i really wanted to string popcorn and cranberries this year
since all our popcorn at home was the ultra 'movie like' buttered packages
we were on the search for white popcorn and finally settled on 
weight watchers popcorn because it seemed to be the least yellow on the picture :)

we got home, set up the string and started popping the popcorn
rule of thumb is your suppose to use stale popcorn for stringing
but i was a little impatient and in the christmas mood so began to string away
{quite manageable...not too many broke}

the boy wasn't too keen on threading as i was...go figure
but he added to the christmas spirit by busting out the guitar and play some taylor swift.

RECAP 2009
our first year of marriage we had zero to nothing in our bank account
but the boy found taylor swift's christmas for like five dollars on itunes
so he decided to splurge and he bought it 
then surprised me when i got out of class that night
so it's kind of been our tradition now to listen to those six songs 
over and over again and sing along.

so the boy is playing away and i'm singing in my best t-swift voice
stringing my weight watcher popcorn and discounted cranberries
it was a sweet, corny, festive time.

at the end the boy insisted on using his new knot tying skills he acquired at a-school
to end my popcorn strands...mission accomplished.

our boot camp graduation ornament souvenir :)
i bought one when i went to visit him in virginia for a-school
...but i've kind of miss placed it...

stringing popcorn takes FOREVER.

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  1. Aw the popcorn strings turned out lovely!! I've never made those but would be soo fun to do as a family... except I know my tot would just eat the popcorn. Oh and add this to the list of why we would get along = my boy plays guitar too! They could jam out together!