Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY lining dresser drawers

well hello and happy monday! earlier this summer i refurbished a little dresser purchased for a beautiful five dollars at a local thrift shop. it required a lot of tlc before i could even apply a fresh coat of paint...sanding, priming, sanding, get the picture c; i continued to spoil this dresser by buying knobs from world market that were a little pricey {for me at least} but luckily i had a coupon to justify my purchase c: after giving this dresser a face lift, i stepped back and admired the simplicity but just felt like it needed something else...a little something extra. then it came to me, this little dresser needed it drawers lined. so i googled, searched pinterest, brainstormed a little and came up with a little bit of this little bit of that way of doing it. here is the tutorial of how i used fabric to line my dresser drawers.

what you need:
fabric {found mine on clearance}, fabric stiffener {used a 40% coupon from joann's}, iron and ironing board, scissors, measuring tape {or anything to measure with}, double sided mounting tape {i used scotch foam mounting squares and cut them in half so i only had to buy one pack}

the steps:
**please forgive me in advance for the lack of pictures. i wrote this tutorial because so many friends were asking how i did it...and didn't take pictures at the time of the project**
step ONE: soak the fabrics in a mix of water and fabric stiffener {it should tell you the ratio on your bottle}
step TWO: ring out the fabric and let it dry on a flat surface in the sun
step THREE: once the fabric is completely dry and stiff take it to your ironing board and get out all those wrinkles
step FOUR: pull out your drawers and measure the dimensions where you will be laying the fabric
step FIVE: use a pencil and measuring tape to measure the amount of fabric you will need to cut out to fully line the drawer
step SIX: cut the fabric, keep in mind it needs to be as straight as possible so it fits perfectly into the drawer
step SEVEN: take the double sided mounting tape and place a square at each corner of your drawer, you may also add an additional square to each side of the drawer, ensuring the fabric won't slip
step EIGHT: place the fabric in, firmly pressing the fabric against the tape...what's great about this tape is that's a cinch to take out if you ever want change the fabric liner
step NINE: step back and admire your work
step TEN: now repeat the steps and finish the entire dresser c:

happy lining!

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