Wednesday, January 23, 2013

banquet seating dreamin'

yesterday my lovely friend and i were sitting at my kitchen table studying {no school hasn't started yet...we're just nerds} we of course got off the topic of reading interventions and began mastering up some plans to put banquet seating in the kitchen. why banquet seating? because it's cozy, it's cute, there's pillows involved and there's the practicality of adding a little more seating in our tiny eat`in kitchen. check out the picture to the left, wouldn't it be the best for reading a book or a guest to hang out while i'm putting the final touches on dinner c:  plus, who doesn't love eating on a booth? isn't that what we always wait the extra few minutes for at restaurants...i'm just saying c;
any who, i began to go a little banquet seating research crazy {i wanted to be extra prepared when i presented yet another project to my husband}. here's what i found.

custom made ones like {this} cost upwards of $4000. yikes, i don't believe i'll ever be okay with spending that much for something my hiney will sit on! then i remembered seeing instructions on 'how to turn cabinets into seating' awhile i started to research the 'do it yourself ' route. 

here's a tutorial made with ikea cabinets. {Cape 27 Blog} used two at $100 a piece...i estimate we would need four to five of them. so that's getting a little pricey. 

{Budget Wise Home} just straight up bought plywood, trim and a piano hinge and got the project done. she claims it cost under $100...since we want to do two sides i'll estimate about $200. 

so there you have it, the possibilities. now every time i walk into our kitchen i just sigh and dream of my future seating arrangements and yummy pillows. i mean look at our little place...isn't it just begging to have some banquet seating?

ps. i gave this persuading presentation to my husband and he said yes c:


  1. I never thought about the banquet seating but that sounds like a fabulous idea! We need to buy a house so we can do all these fun different ideas!

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