Saturday, August 27, 2011

oh kitchen

WELL school starts back up on Monday, which means I have just enough time to squeeze in one more little project...the kitchen. My boy and I live in an apartment, which means I have little control over the mixed matched appliances and old cupboards. So I am taking control on a's what I'm working with.

IT'S a fairly large kitchen for a two bed two bath size apartment..but a tad theme confused. 

FIRST STEP was meeting one of my favorite people at World Market for some color searching. After an hour of browsing and sitting on the floor of this amazing store debating the color dilemma, we found inspiration. Inspiration in a rug. I love the rustic/a tiny bit muted colors. 

CAN you tell someone got me hooked on spray painting??? So these are just a few ideas and starting points. 

NOW don't expect any drastic changes...but I think it will be the little things that will make a difference

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