Tuesday, August 30, 2011

god sent 846 candles

MY whole life God has been shaping and molding me to fit His perfect plan. All this has happened in both ways I have come to realize and ways I haven't come to understand yet. For these past few weeks, the path God had called me on became rough and bumpy. Doors seemed to close left and right, and I began to DOUBT. Doubt that I had heard God incorrectly and even doubt that God knew what He was doing. Yes, I was being very very human.
WALKED into church this Sunday...lights dimmed low, hundreds of candles lit and only a guitar propped up on stage. Worship began, acoustic guitar played old hymns and soft music. I sang to my Jesus and questioned the direction I was going...was I doing what He wanted? 

WHILE quietly listening to the church sing, I saw myself. I was in a special needs classroom going over our daily schedule. In this stillness I heard, "Yes Lindsay, this is right". Everything at that moment felt right, and feeling right was a great feeling. Yet, the human I am asked God for another CONFIRMATION. Confirmation that what I was hearing was truly Him and not in my head. 
AFTER worship and announcements had passed, the Pastor asked all the TEACHERS to stand up. He felt lead to lift up and pray over the educators in our community. The prayer he prayed were made up of the same words God spoke to me a year ago. Another tug on my heart and I heard, "This is the change I want you to make". 

I am in awe of how much my God loves me.
Personally loves me.


  1. Beautifully spoken :)
    Keep pressing forward. I love you!

  2. Your blog is cute and welcome! :)

  3. Thank you Emily! I have to admit, with the boy being gone I'm already addicted to it :)

    Love you Dani!

  4. aww Emily! l a c e y m a b e l l e is one of my favies, she's a total sweetheart :)

    PS. LOVE the redo and I CAN'T wait to see it in person!