Thursday, September 1, 2011

kitchen conquered.

ALRIGHT believe it or not, kitchen was CONQUERED and COMPLETED the day of school starting back up. Yes, made the deadline just didn't get a chance to document it. So here it newly improved kitchen on a budget. 


This may be my favorite part of the kitchen...okay I admit there's a lot of favorites...but this is my top. I spray painted dollar tree vases and random glass tea lights I found around the apartment.

Well here's the BIG picture...with the rug that started it all.
These words are hanging above the stove. Tin lids I found for only pennies at Michaels on clearance, then added a couple coats of spray paint. And since I couldn't find any stencils I liked, I used puffy stickers from my craft box to write the letters, then just pealed them off after it was dry.

Alright, moving over to the left of the stove. Here use to be a toaster and the boy's soda machine...which both were relocated into cabinets. MORE SPACE

 The canvas pictures that use to above the stove are now accompanying the spice rack. Which bytheway found for a few bucks a piece at ROSS dress for less. 
I decided to put that beautiful pitcher to good use and fill it with cookingness.

Alright and since the tour is moving to the left, it's time to meet Mr. Beta. Mr. Beta was located above the sink and stayed there :) I didn't want to disturb his he's almost out of reach from Lynnee.
 Isn't that wall bowl fun?! The boy and I SPLURGED big time when we first got married...$24.99 at the pet store. Which was pretty much more than our weekly grocery budget at the time...still not sure how I talked him into it. Much of my argument was "but its OUR first pet babe" and "i promise i won't ask for anything else for a loooonnngg time"  and with a few bats of my eye lashes the wall bowl was ours.

Welcome to the left side of my new and improved kitchen.

Now the COFFEE favorite place in the morning..and noon..and study nights.
So I'm a tad bummed because my coffee mugs are hanging a little too horizontal for what I had imagined. I've tried a few things but haven't been able to get them to stay propped any ideas PLEASE shoot them my way.

Here's a close up of the mugs on the wall. REUSING bachelor mugs the boy brought to our marriage. He fought me on throwing them out..."they were perfectly good mugs and it would be wasteful". So...they weren't thrown out, just no longer in the cupboard. 

Super easy to probably already guessed it. I used a hot glue gun to make dots, let them dry and spray paint spray paint spray paint.  

ALRIGHT...wrapping up the tour. I put the cutting board up so the corner wasn't so deep looking. And leaned some serving plates against it to add some background color. 
Spray painted two of the lids and filled the containers with pasta we had stored away. 

Here's a picture of my brain storming of wine, butter with bread ;), and yes Army Wives.


TIN CANS from Michaels a total of $2.07 (plus I only used the lids...still have the containers to play with)
RUG and WINE RACK from World Market $22.00 with my beautiful coupon.
Then went back to World Market and paid $3.98 for the HOOKS holding the coffee cups.
Last is SPRAY PAINT from Home Depot, a little over $10.00 for all three cans, and I have tons left over.

Which include two things I've been wanting rack and pretty rug. 


  1. Oh I love it! Your kitchen is so cute.
    Much love! xx

  2. Love it Lindsay Lou.. though i have to say, the Army Wives part is the best ;)
    Oh, and about the stove.