Thursday, September 8, 2011

call me a crazy cat lady

I had mentioned to the boy about the possibility of bringing a kitty into our life, but with our apartment life style it just didn't look like it would be in the near future. THEN we learned Coast Guard was the route God's plan. 

About a few weeks after we had made decision, I had a minor meltdown. It was nearly midnight and I was just starting a paper (the joy of working full time and taking too many units). I put down my computer, dropped to the floor and said,

"I'm done, absolutely done. I'm tired, this assignment is pointless and I just want to spend time with you". 
The boy says, "Okay, I know. Take like a ten minute break and I'll work on it with you". 

He grabbed my computer and started dinking around. I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed he wasn't joining my pity party on the kitchen floor but I was exhausted and enjoyed my little break.

Ten minutes had past and the boy asked me to join him at the computer. I whined and resisted a little, thinking it was paper writing time but when I plopped myself beside my boy I saw something much much different.

The screen was full of kitten pictures. My boy explains to me that he's been thinking. Thinking about him leaving and having to leave more in the future. He wanted me to have someone to come home to, talk to and just be with when he couldn't be. NOW THERE WERE TWO CONDITIONS...I had to finish my paper and we got the kitty soon, so boy wouldn't miss the "cute stage".

Well needless to say after my hugs and happy dance, I hopped back to that paper with a huge smile on my face. The soonest available day...okay half day...we both had off we drove to the local animal shelter and fell in love with Lynnee.

This was the first day we brought her home..poor thing we followed her around the little apartment..taking pictures every five seconds.

She always laid by my side when it was time to write the boy in boot camp. 

She tries to conversations with us...on a daily basis.
She LOVES banana peels. That's right, not the actually banana...only the peel.

She will watch the occasional tv show, thinks the dvd player lights are fascinating but her favorite is laying on my lap and watching the bubble screen saver on my computer.

She loves spooning and is a great traveler.

And she is amazing at finding verses...I was doing devotionals the other day and Lynnee started flipping through the pages of my Bible.

ALRIGHT now as you can probably guess I have MANY other pictures of you're lucky I'm not sharing the whole family album :)
Now I hope I've illustrated how much that little girl means to me.

When the boy's gone, the days are a little harder to get through.
BUT when I pull into my parking spot Lynnee is up at the window waiting for me.
She follows me into every room of our little apartment. Even if I get up for a glass of chocolate milk...I have a little shadow following me for my three minute kitchen field trip.
She is always doing the most random things and making little messes...she keeps me amused and very busy. 
AND I always have someone to sleep with.

Now you can call  me a crazy cat lady...but I'm so thankful (yes and a little obsessed) for our Lynnee.

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