Friday, September 9, 2011

boy oh boy

I miss that boy.

I'm thankful it's only fourteen weeks, I'm thankful there's only a country instead of an ocean in between us and I'm very thankful he's safe. I know that other wives and families have it worse right now. I also know that we have a deployment in our future, so right now is the easier time. 
But I still miss him. 

Life is getting busier. Days are jam packed with student teaching, attending night classes, my days fly by. My days flying cause my weeks to fly by which feels like the date of seeing that amazing boy of mine comes sooner.

But with that time flying perk comes with con's.

Typical days go from very early mornings to sometimes very late evenings...add in a time difference of three hours and there is limited opportunities for phone, skype and even instant message dates. 

Life just gets lonely without the boy.

When your use to having your best friend, your love, the one who can always make you laugh, the one who knows you best, encourages you, comforts you...when you're use to having them in person to kiss and love and talk to face to face everyday, then it turns into five minutes on the phone here and there...its kind of super extremely lame...the say the least. 

Some days are easier than others, some hours are harder than others. And during the hard and easy minutes, I think about the fact that I wouldn't trade it for anything. Several days ago God reminded me of that...I was having one of those missed calls kind of days, and became a little teary-eyed so I asked for a little strength. I was filled with memories, my life since I met that boy, everything we have over come, our friendship and how much I am in cheesy sappy love with him :) It was a tad overwhelming but so humbling. I wouldn't trade any of the struggles and hardships for what we have.

So thankful for God's gentle reminders. So thankful for our fourteen weeks. So thankful for the life my boy and I share.


  1. I am so with you! My man is gone for about the same amount of time. And it IS lonely. It could be worse- as you said. But we'll make it a-ok. :)

  2. you are the sweetest emily! thanks for the encouragement :) im currently on five weeks..only nine more til i have my boy back :)