Thursday, September 22, 2011

t-shirt necklace

as i'm walking out of the door, i get a call that my morning case is canceled. 
no work for me.
now the responsible thing would be to work on the mound of homework sitting on my living room floor. but quite frankly...i'm pretty over homework. so i decided that since that three hour block was designated for work, i would work on crafts.
(i really really needed a break)

alright, here's one of my projects today. 

t-shirt necklace

i've been eyeing the beautiful turquoise necklace that's been floating around pinterest.
sold on etsy.

however i wanted to get the basic gist of it, so i decided to take it down a couple notches before i took on that many strands :)

go grab an old t-shirt and cut one inch strips. you can cut as many strips as you want (the more you cut the thicker the necklace) just make sure to do them in three's because you will be braiding. i chose to keep it simple this time and just cut three. tie an over hand knot at the top and braid about twelve inches. 

at the end of the braid i hand stitched the strands together. then looped one of the strands around so it would look a little cleaner. i stitched on the back side so it wouldn't show. 

now lay it out and find the lengths you want, i made my lengths different. once you figure out your length cut the end of the strands so its even. 

then tie those three strands around the other knot. in most of the tutorials i found they just left it as a big knot. i went ahead and stitched the ends of the back of the necklace so they didn't stick out.  

there you have it. 

pretty stinkin' easy and pretty much free jewelry. 
i love it and can't wait to make my dream turquoise one :)

alright...back to the homework :/