Thursday, September 15, 2011

gift in an email

What a week. School is kicking my butt.

For my own sanity I'm taking a break. One hour free from textbooks, work, reorganizing my schedule and the messy kitchen. An hour to enjoy a glass of merlot, cuddle with the Lynnee and catch up on blog world. 


The other day I got an email  from Amazon....instantly got a yucky feeling because I was waiting for a textbook to arrive and thought it was another message delaying its arrival.. Instead the subject said, " a gift from 'the boy' ". Hmmmmm.

I opened the email and it was the MP3 of the Limbs And Branches tracks by Jon Foreman and a very VERY sweet message from my boy. 

My favorite song on the CD.

Your Love is Strong has been on repeat in my car, on my phone and in my house. It has been lifting me up on a daily basis and gotten me through this past week. So simple, so perfect and I love scripture in songs. 

THANK YOU boy for my perfect gift.
He always seems to know just what I need.

1 comment:

  1. good job boy :)

    love you friend...we're gonna get through these next 2 months together!