Monday, September 5, 2011

midnight bathroom makeover

WELL the night started out a little like FAVORITE Nicole (from the lovely Consider The Lilies) came over for a healthy salad and a little math tutoring. Which turned into homemade Trader Joe pizza and oops...someone forgot her math assignment. SO it's now 8:25pm and I was telling my friend the bathroom in our room was driving me crazy and was ready for a change...I believe she said a little something like this "Ohhhhhh, can we PLEASE do it tonight, like right now??" Of course I'm super stoked and showed her some of my ideas. Luckily the 99cent store was still open til nine and Walmart I don't think ever closes, so we were set.

Alright so it definitely doesn't always look like this...but it does make for a perfect horrendous "before" picture. Usually about a third of everything is in my drawer and the rest is pushed into that corner. 



Man oh man HUGE difference huh??

.......................................................................................'s how we did it. 

Between World Market, 99cent store and Walmart about $12 on different size vases.

 Mason Jar soap dispenser...fell in love with it on pinterest and knew I had to have it, well had to make it. Already had the mason jar at home and reused a pump from lotion bottle that was pretty much empty. 
Here's the tutorial . Pretty stinkin easy. 

Inspiration found here.

We spray painted a candle stick holder and glued it to the bottom of a vase. Filled the vase with river rocks I had stored under my bed. 
The middle picture here is three .49 cent tea light holders flipped upside down and carefully hot glued together, then topped it off with a vase.
Last we had a baby vase being a base for a bigger vase. 

by Nicole    FUN PICTURES     

Now this may be the craziest one. Here we have an upside down plastic wine glass (came in a pack of six at the 99cent store) spray painted it and yes you guessed glued to the bottom of a vase. The pearls come from my Christmas box and then there's the candle. 

Now obviously, the bathroom won't always be looking picture perfect. So for organization sake I grabbed box from the shelf (it kind of matched!) and added my daily uses in there.

There you have it, SO simple, SO inexpensive and SO much fun.

And I am SO in love with it.


  1. I can't stop staring at the amazingness Lindsay!! it turned out PERFECT. sigh. Nothing can stop our tag-teaming brain power :D

  2. thank you thank you! holy cow, i cant stop starring at it...WE are pretty stinkin amazing!

  3. Wow! Looks so fab. :) I wish my bathroom looked that neat. I should take lessons.

  4. Ah so much better! Loving the mason jar soap.. I see one of those in my future. I think I'll pin that if you don't mind.. =)