Friday, September 16, 2011

overdue package

I was overdue for sending the boy a package. I wanted to get one ready the day I got home from taking him to the airport..but decided that would be a little too soon :) So I decided to wait a week, then all of a sudden school, work and student teaching kicked into gear. Though I think about my boy every hour...I totally forgot my package plan. Last week I set the studies aside, and put a little something together for him.


A white board with magnet strips on the back to hang in his locker. 
Colored markers in case he felt like decorating...ha!
A couple sprays of my perfume on a pink sticky note.
Fruit gum I saw the other day while waiting in the grocery line...made me think oh him.
A handwritten love note...brought me back to the boot camp days...definitely don't miss those!
A cord he had requested...come to find out I sent the wrong one...oops! Well I guess that's an excuse to send another package! 
A new recipe I found pinned by my beautiful friend on pinterest. Peanut butter and chocolate chip pretzel cookies with sea salt...YUM! Here's the recipe. The second time I made them I added more chocolate chips and pretzels. And made sure to hand stir them in, so the pretzels could be seen like in her picture.  

I sent the white board because before boy got his fancy phone, he use to write his ToDo List on our white board under the calender. Here's how I made usual..super easy. 

I bought a white board from the dollar tree and hot glued the hemp around the edges, originally it had a weird blue trim...not so cute.  

Then I used my hot glue gun again to attach three wine corks. 

The pictures were the most expensive (three dollars) because I printed them out in wallet size, but on the bright side I have three sets of each picture left to put in school binders and send to family. We took these pictures the day before I sent him off. 

Well there it is...first package send off and arrived. Boy and roommate loved the cookies and he was excited about the gum :) planning for the next package, which the correct cord of course :)


  1. Oh man I just found those cookies on pinterest too!!! I'm so making them soon, they look AMAZING! BF will be happy to recieve that package, I'm sure!