Thursday, November 8, 2012

life is burritoful

{and yes, a little plug in for the most delicious chipotle}
life is beautiful...and among all things, i am reminded of this in a little receipt on a night we decided to go out and just celebrate life. this has been a month of chaos, a month of change, a month of faith and a month of trust. it has truly been a time of giving and taking away. God has answered prayers we have been praying for over a year, yet He has chosen been to silent on the things currently stirring in my heart. but isn't it all just beautiful. their is beauty in the reliance we on Him to answer prayers in His perfect timing because it is just simply perfect, whether we understand it at the time or not. i am thankful for his grace, thankful for the desires He places in my heart and so incredibly thankful for His time.
~ecclesiastes 3:11

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