Tuesday, November 13, 2012

six weeks of instagram

catching up on my last six weeks through instagram...

the bulk of my time has been teaching, homework, making communication systems for students and going to class...but hey eating pudding while i review reports isn't all too bad.

in my spare time {well the time that cuts into my sleep}...we finished projects around the house, i decorated for fall and we've been picking limes like crazy.

the weather finally cooled down enough to thoroughly enjoy my favorite salted caramel hot chocolate {always in a larger cup for the extra amazing'ness to be piled on}

a few fall themed projects at work, which includes sparkle pumpkins for those aren't too thrilled about pumpkin pulp texture.

i most definitely voted, then had a mock interview via skype for my sister's first vet school choice  later that night c:

God has kept me inspired by the little things in life.

and the boy has been doing car stuff, putting up with my crazy pinterest dreams i pinned during summer, playing with my label maker and just being plain amazing.

well there it is, life in the midst of the never ending schedule thanks to instagram c:

thanks jane, i've missed this!


  1. Did you make that lamp shade? Or is it Anthro?? I totally did a DIY tutorial for that same shade and have it in my living room. I LOVE your boots. LOL @ the label maker on the wine glass. Brilliant use of a label maker!

  2. Great site! Your style is so refreshing compared to most other people. Post thank you for every time you get the chance, I'll be sure to save your website!

  3. one crafty lady!!

    I would be picking limes like crazy too LOL


  4. oh yum caramel hot chocolate that sounds amazing!! must try that at starbucks