Tuesday, August 14, 2012

summer. instagram. linkup.

alright, lots of firsts for this post. 

ONE. first time posting in over a month TWO. first time linking up with Taingamala THREE. first time using photoshop...hint the collage'ness and playing around with watermarks.

since i've been absent from blog'life and missed the past few link up's...i only thought it was fair i included the past month or so of our summer through instagram {and i became a little obsessed with making collages once i finally figured it out!} so here we go...enjoy c:

decorations for husband's bday | american flag in our hometown | the best traveler ever | new blinds for our bedroom | a birdie hang out 

husband bought me a hook to hang my wreath i made last summer  | mmmhhhmmm i love this bar. toby keith just opened down the highway from us | front yard fireworks | boys taking their time with the finale setup | some mason jar love 

traveling as a little family to stacey's wedding | <3 being a bridesmaid | back home being productive and getting a pedicure while editing husband's resume | spray paint and rubber bands 

aspiring photographer | with my bestest at natalie's rehearsal dinner | wedding makeup outside | bouquets in a sink | pretty dresses | dj husband whoop whoop!

back at home, lynnee helping with my to do list | tanning and priming some of my favorite things | mantel still not finished...but cozy

seattle for jeremy's wedding, sipping on the best espresso ever | pike's place with my love | and the space needle of course

back home to see my roses still surviving | outdoor breakfast with the hubs | lynnee assisting with our dresser to entertainment center transformation

love last minute hosting | oops, i guess that mantel really wanted to make another appearance c; | lynnee refusing to let us work | lynnee not letting me finish my paint job | prettiness | happy three year anniversary, we got a new hose! | mom in town and taught me the family bleu cheese dressing recipe | it's official, we have a pomegranate tree c:

lake tahoe with my fam | mosaics with mom and sis | my favorite sister

 mosaic light switches done and up, husband helped with the one on the right | my dresser revamp is complete!

my happy place, on the lake with husband's fam | finally reading bloom <3

all the hot weather made for some pretty skies | came home from work and spotted my hose hanging thing up...thanks husband c:

you made it though! thanks for stopping by and letting me share some summer memories c:
thank you Taingamala!


  1. LOVE all the pictures. Looks like your summer has been quite amazing.

    I want to read Bloom so bad! And that wreath you made is so pretty.

  2. I love all your pictures so much I don't even know where to start. The balloon streamer idea is awesome. I am definitely stealing that for a babyshower I'm throwing. The wreath you made it so cute. The bar looks awesome. I've never been to a Toby Keith bar bur I always hear they are great. I really enjoy editing people's resumes haha. Being a bridesmaid is awesome. And, the dresses are so cute. I super love the mosaic light switch fixtures. I definitely want to try that once we aren't in military housing. Thanks for linking up!!

  3. I have to admit that reading these posts sometimes makes me so jealous. All that I can do is keep my house clean and laundry done let alone do anything crafty. (Maybe get my pics uploaded to the computer and blog about my life). I love all of your little projects and ideas and I cannot wait to see your house! xoox

  4. all these pictures are so lovely! i love reading about all your little projects and trips:)

  5. I love following along with you on IG!!