Monday, August 20, 2012

my family vacation

this has been quite the summer, making memories left and right. from purchasing our first home to road trips galore with family and friends. we also had a total of seven weddings this summer, five of them out of town, i was a bridesmaid in three and two weddings husband was a groomsmen {make sense?}. i kidded myself to think i would have the time to write on each and every event that occurred this summer. 

but this trip was extra special. my parents rented the cabin we used to visit every summer in my childhood. the first two days was just my dad, mom, sister and me. the first time in years that the four of us vacationed or were even together in one place just the four of us. i felt like a little kid again, goofing off with my sister and helping my parents prepare dinner. it truly felt like i was back time and it was perfect in its own way...than that boy of mine came...and the trip remained as perfect as could be. it was such a blessing for the two of us to spend so much real, quality time with my family. four full days of togetherness is unheard of for our family with the conflicting schedules and living on opposite sides of california. beautiful and perfect, just the five of us. alright enough with the chatting, here's the evidence of our little family gathering. 

absolutely breathtaking lake tahoe.

yes we are definitely the family that wears headlamps for evening walks. 

hiking just the four of us, the old collins clan. 

 the stretch that we spent our afternoons at. 

 watching the boy paddle board from my kayak. 

 pardon the water splotches, my water case got a bit wet. 

 sharing a famous chamber's punch. the only reason he posed was because my mom suggested for us to take the  picture...hehe can't say no to the'm going to keep this in mind for future uses c;

pose two that mom asked him to take...i could get use to this photo taking compliance. 

i will leave you with this...pretty incredible what our God designs, yes?

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