Wednesday, June 6, 2012

God is bigger than our house

we have been house shopping since the beginning of the year, somehow cramming in at least one meeting a week with our realtor driving around the areas we wish we could afford and those we couldn't drive out of fast enough. there would be houses with great features but just a couple things that make us say bleh. then other possible homes we would walk into and see the potential. before each house hunting date, the boy and i prayed. we prayed HE would decide where we lived, where our future children would play, where our marriage would continue to grow, the house that would be used for His glory and blessing others. then it happened, about forty houses into our search we stepped into a house that caused our hearts to say yes, this is it.

it was God's house from the beginning, here's how the day went {eighty~eight days ago}. it was a saturday and i had just gotten off work. we decided that after looking at houses that day we would take a break because the boy was leaving on sunday for a few weeks of coastie training and i didn't want to go house hunting without him for the obvious reasons. as we were walking out of the door i got an update on my phone of a house that literally just went on the market. i glanced over the pictures and got i usually do about everything. we were able to fit it in as the last and final house we looked at. this house was in the perfect area, a place we were pretty iffy on if we could afford. it was cute, small and everything we wanted. and now the boy was the one getting a little excited about what we came across. i remember just looking at him, both of us sporting ridiculously large grins and knowing this was our home. so we did it, we wrote up our best offer we could give...going a little over asking price and volunteering to pay for items that are usually the seller's responsibility. i even typed up a little paragraph about who we were and how in love we were with the place, to add a little fluff c: we wanted this house, but most importantly we felt God tug on our hearts. 

fast forward about two and a half months now, purchasing this house has been like riding a never`ever`ever ending roller coaster that had up's and down's every single day. ends up the seller is a scam artist and her real estate agent was her sidekick. in the beginning it was a traditional seller with a wonderful family no. that's the act they were playing, really she flips houses for a living. which is all fine and dandy, minus the fact she lied through her teeth every occasion she got and attempted to weasel us out of every penny left in our newly~wed savings. but we felt lead to this house, so we pushed forward, never gave up hope and held on tight for the ride. we prayed about every decision we made. some of her demands, we felt at peace about paying...but others we said no and miraculously she agreed to our biggest requests. God's hand was in the entire process and like always, he followed through on his promise.

alright now that i made you read are some pictures.
 the night we got our keys.

opening the door for the first time and our first cooked frozen pizza meal c:
the boy was a little over taking pictures at that point...can you tell?

i cannot even tally the number of times things went drastically wrong when we were in escrow
but God is SO GOOD. 
He was bigger than every problem we encounter and stayed true.
this truly is His house and we are incredibly blessed to be apart of His plan. 


  1. God IS good!

    Congratulations on the house!

  2. first, i am so glad you found my blog because that means i found yours. your writing is so refreshing and easy to get captivated by. i am so glad that you trusted in God for everything with your house and that you finally got it! you can see the excitement on both of your faces. so happy for you dear and so happy i have found your blog <3

  3. congrats on your new house and trusting God to know what His plans were for you!! and i love that most every meal in a new home is always pizza

  4. You are so so wise and faithful, thank you for sharing this with us and congrats on your new home, how exciting!!! No hurry on trying to get it all done etc...just take your time, and remember we are storing up our treasures in Heaven not on earth, if that helps!