Thursday, June 14, 2012

sparkling wine glasses

last weekend's bachelorette party was spent in napa {aawwhh. yes, it was beautiful}. the bridal party all chipped in, rented a house, then spent the weekend soaking up sunshine and wine tasting. unfortunately i had to leave a day early in order to make the wedding of my dear school friend. so it was only proper for me to excuse my short stay by crafting some fun, girly and very appropriate wine glasses. upon much research, here was my favorite tutorial i based this project on...{credit}

what i used:
~martha stewart multi`surface craft paint $2.99 {use michael's coupons}
~wine glasses {i bought a variety of sizes from the dollar tree}
~brush to apply the glitter paint
~tooth picks 

step 1: wash all of your glasses and have them completely dry before you begin.
step 2: squeeze some glitter paint into a small container.
step 3: use tape to create a line circling the top your glass.
step 4: paint several layers, 3-10 layers depending on how concentrated you want the glitter to be. each layer should be light, so you don't have the clumpy look. each of our glasses were a little different, some more concentrated where the tape was then faded out towards the bottom...others we heavily painted the base and gave the faded look going up. 

for the bride to be, i wanted her's to stand out. first i used tape to outline a box, then i placed a sticker in the middle of my box to personalize it. i slowly added light layers {maybe 10} over the sticker and within my box. once the paint dried i used my tooth pick to carefully take off my sticker and touch up the 'N'.

step 5: time to cure. putting glass in a oven made me a little nervous, so i did A LOT of research to guarantee my wine glasses wouldn't shatter. here's what you do: place all your wine glasses on a baking rack, put the wine glasses in your oven, turn it on for 350 degrees and set the kitchen timer for 30 minutes. it's important that your baking sheet is cool and your glasses are in the oven WHILE it is preheating because it allows everything to heat up together. when your timer is rings, turn your oven off and leave the glasses inside to cool down {again we are avoiding dramatic temperature change}. once everything is nice and cool, feel free to take your glasses out. let them set for three days before you use or wash. after the third day you are ready to use, enjoy and throw it in the dishwasher {bonus!}.

craft and enjoy c:


  1. oh my goodness those are so cute! and they don't seem to difficult to make :) the bride-to-be's was so cute. might have to steal this idea sometime! cute <3

  2. what a time you must have had!!!

  3. awww these were adorable and so appreciated!!! The wedding was so fun:)