Thursday, June 28, 2012

a place and a purpose

my thrifty treasures have found their homes.

thanks to that sweet boy of mine, the pitcher is holding flowers

the cd rack became our bill/important note holder
{hmmm...need to find a better name for that!}
{{i'll probably spray paint it later}}

glass bowl took on the responsibility of housing the q`tips in the guest bath

the other wire organizer in our fully organized linen closet
{originally the organizer was white, then i spray painted it yellow, but then i bought the turquoise and lime green baskets from the dollar my wire organizer may go back to being white, don't worry i'll keep you updated on this major decision}

and the woven basket now hosts our extra tp. 

i love that my finds have found a home c:

left to place and give a purpose are:
the books, terra cotta pots, picture frame and that dresser
...ohh, i am so excited about that dresser...

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