Thursday, June 7, 2012

how i met my neighbor

it was about midnight and i was getting ready for bed when i realized i hadn't seen our cat lynnee. i went to the back yard and whisper called her name {hoping to not wake the neighbors}. after a few seconds i heard her jingling bell coming in my direction. i repeated her name and she meowed back, sounding like she was in the neighbor's yard. i grabbed step stool and peered over the shared fence. sure enough, lynnee was on the other side trying to find her way back home. 

at this point i'm slightly hanging over the fence, given lynnee encouraging words and hoping she would just jump back over. then i heard this deep voice, 'who are you?'

not going to lie, i was i froze and didn't make a peep. 

five long seconds passed and i saw a head poke up in the neighbor's window, yell at me and then instantly duck back down. 

at that point i introduced myself as her new neighbor and apologized for my cat being stuck in her yard.

neighbor sue was relieved i wasn't a robber and we ended up having a decent conversation given that it was past midnight. she gave me the skinny on the neighborhood skunk, everyone's dogs and cats and the next door neighbor who likes to drum. she even turned on a light so lynnee could see and offered to help me get her back over the fence. sweet neighbor sue ended the conversation saying that lynnee was welcome in her yard anytime c:

thank you lynnee for choosing a nice neighbor's yard to get stuck in. 

the stool used for operation retrieve lynnee. 


  1. Cute story!!! Awww;) I love IT!

  2. Awe such a cute story. I'm glad you have a nice neighbor, they really do make all the difference.