Sunday, June 17, 2012

the boy is home

my boy is home...mustache and all. yup, apparently his whole unit decided to bring on the manly`ness during their few weeks of training. awww, but it's nice to have him home even if the mustache came with the package c; 
this weekend we have been giddy homeowners, the epitome of first time buyers. frequent trips to home depot, starting {key word} like eighteen projects only to move onto number nineteen and even mowing our poor DEAD lawn in 100 plus degree weather {he was pretty stoked about his new lawn mower}. my boy left just days after we officially moved into our home, so i've been doing all the unpacking by my lonesome. having him home just makes it feel so real...i love it. 

to do this week:
paint our mantle c: c:
unpack that last box i've been ignoring
organize the linen closet
make a bird feeder
finish the spare bedroom 
{in`laws are coming to town}

...and that's all i'm committing to for now.

happy sunday my friends!


  1. haha cuties!!! Glad to hear you are settling in, and in laws are visiting and all! and it looks like there is one thing off of your list, the feeder, anything else?

    1. oh man, i tacked more things on that list before finishing the orginal c:
      however...started the mantel {still in primer stage}, linen closet DONE, and i took on the front yard with my friend c: we are getting there, i still have the weekend!

  2. Haha, love the mustache. My hubby always insists on growing a beard anytime he has 3 or more days off from work. But I guess I'd rather have him home with facial hair than away clean-shaven! ;)