Thursday, September 20, 2012

nothing my boy and yankee coupons can't fix

oh it's been one of those days. you know the kind of day that if something could go wrong it goes wrong. to paint a picture for you, i literally ran into a wall about an hour ago...and to make the story even more pathetic, that wall was in my own house. yup, that's my day. after my confrontation with the wall, i lit a candle and poured myself a glass of wine. then the boy called with oh so perfect timing. i vented and he encouraged...what would i do without him? i then made the executive decision to just peak into blog world before i started my readings...and guessy what i found.

thanks to Money Saving Mom i was informed kohl's is having a sale on fall yankee candles, two for $20 plus free shipping plus twenty percent off with these promo codes: SEPTFRIENDS and FREE2SHIP
on top of that wonderful'ness i had $10 kohl's cash, so i got a tank top, fall'ish dishtowels and four delicious yankee candles for less than $30. i'm a pretty frugal girl and it usually takes me a lloonngg time to make a decision like this, but the boy told me to go for i did.

can you sense the smile on my face...just thought i should share the news, now back to homework c:

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