Saturday, September 1, 2012

beer plus chicken recipe

well school is back in session which means i'm pulling out the beloved crock pot c: i love Love LOVE easy crock pot recipes {don't we all?} they are essential for crazy school times and keep us eating real meals at the table with minimal effort. for this recipe, easy was defined as: having all the ingredients in my cupboard and less than five minutes prep time. and it was delicious. find the source HERE.


it calls for:
TWO pounds of skinless chicken breast
ONE teaspoon salt
ONE teaspoon garlic powder
ONE tablespoon dried oregano
HALF a teaspoon of black pepper
and last but not least a bottle or can of beer, any kind will do

how to:
place your chicken in the crock, pour in the beer, add your ingredients and cook on HIGH for 4-5 hours or LOW for 6-8 hours. 

simple and amazing, yes. even better is i put my chicken in frozen, covered it with oktoberfest style beer i had on hand, sprinkled the ingredients on top of chicken, just eye`balling it and not paying too close attention to measurements and set it to cook on HIGH for 5 hours {did i just make that recipe even easier?} i then accomplished a few things around the house, worked a couple hour session, came back home to put together some quick pasta plus a salad and my chicken was done c: oh how i love thee crock pot!

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  1. I love the crockpot! Although I had to make myself realize that the house would not burn down if I left the crockpot home alone:) This looks so good!