Friday, September 7, 2012

what to do with a wooden box

last sunday was a church, housework and bbq kind`of day. while the boy was out in the hot sun putting up our hammock, i was enjoying our air conditioner and brainstorming where we should keep the keys. they needed a home, a place they could be easily located and then it came to me.

oh and it makes me so happy c:
i picked up this wooden box at a thrift store about a month ago. at the time i wasn't sure exactly what i would do with but for a dollar, i knew i would figure out a use...and that i did c: the second best part of this project was that everything filling my dollar wooden box was found around my house.

alright, starting from the top. this is twine and old weathered looking clothespins to hang pictures and notes. these are some wedding photo's i already had around the house, so i threw them up there c:

oh yes and how to hang that twine, easy smeezy just a little righty tighty and lefty loosey. i just slightly loosened the screws used to hang the box, wrapped it around and then re`tightened them. 

i bought this wood block R from michaels on crazy clearance early this summer...i believe it cost me like twenty cents. here i used scrapbook paper and transferred the print over to the wood exactly how i did in my DIY picture on wood tutorial just with fun scrapbook print instead of a photograph, find it HERE. i wanted this R to look faded and old {not like i just made it yesterday}, so in the final steps of rubbing off the paper, i rubbed a little harder in random areas and around the edges to give it a worn look. 

i found these hooks at world market last year. they use to hold our favorite coffee mugs in our old apartment, but our house has a tile backsplash so i had to retire them as mug hooks when we moved. luckily i kept them in a safe spot, so when my wooden box idea came i knew exactly where to look. these little hooks are now fulfilling their second life purpose as our key holders.

on the left we have a weekly menu made from a picture frame, find tutorial i posted on picture frame whiteboards right HERE. in that tutorial i made a large one and loved it. but over the year i decided i didn't really need it to be that i downsized and made this one. the picture frame is from the dollar store, spray painted and then scuffed up a bit with sandpaper.  
to your right is a baby jar that use to hold homemade jelly, now it's the home for a transparency marker, a pen and an extra clothespin. oh and behind it are some lemon lookin` sticky notes for future reminders on that twine.

cheers to another thrift store score and knowing where my keys are c:


  1. I LOVE what you've done! I want to go get a wooden box now! You have such a great eye and I love everything you put together in your house.