Thursday, January 19, 2012

dollar store earring holder

super easy, dollar store earring holder :) i got my inspiration from matsutake who used the base of a lamp, a larger frame and used it as a mood board. i loved the idea...however i have no where to put it in our little apartment {which is already crammed with diy projects in every available space possible}. so i decided to down scale...went to the dollar tree, bought a frame and a candle stick holder. then used up the last of my white spray paint and lightly sprayed it...ha lightly because i was running out :) but i kind of light that it wasn't white white. you can still see some of the black and gold trim from the picture frame. i took some left over black embroidery thread and very VERY tightly wrapped it around the sides, then used krazy glue to adhere it. two strands on the top and three on the bottom for extra hanging sturdiness. and yes, more krazy glue to attach the picture frame to the candle stick holder. 

tadaa {mine}

my inspiration...someday i'll make a real size one :)

what i had to buy
picture frame: $1.00
candle stick holder: $1.00

what i already had
embroidery thread: $0.39
spray paint: $3.87
krazy glue $2.35


  1. Oh my gosh are you serious?! I LOVE this! We might have to make these tomorrow night at my daughter's 17th Bday party!!!