Wednesday, January 4, 2012

wrapping paper thank you's

growing up i was always told to write my thank you cards. when i was younger i never understood why i had to say thank you again...but then i grew up and now truly appreciate the extra thanks. we have been so blessed this season with hospitality and gifts, a simple card is the least we can it's always so much fun getting something in the mail! i got this idea from little page turners and have used it in the past with some of the kids i work it. it's easy, inexpensive and pretty hard to mess up :) in little page turners, she used scrape book paper to make her tree but unfortunately i was cleaned out of christmas looking pages. i debated on running to the store {thinking i could find some on clearance} but then i saw my left over wrapping paper...PERFECT.

first you need wrapping paper...or scrape book paper
make sure to cut enough off before the kitty attacks it :)

then make the sizes you ever so desire

use the original cuts as you templates and make a bunch
i ended up only using five versus six strips because my tree was bigger than my envelope..oops!
i used the cardboard roll to make the stumps.

i couldn't for the life of me find my star puncher to put a gold star at the top of the tree
so instead i bunched up tulle and hot glued it...kind of fun adding texture :)

lately i've been making cards single sided
you save on paper and don't have to worry about the making silly crease looking even
as long as you use card stock and a regular pen, you can write your message on the back.

 i ended up going a little thank you crazy and made about twenty'ish
but like i said we have TONS to be thankful for :)


  1. Aw those are really cute, good idea!!
    I have a pile of thank you's to write too..

  2. Those are cute! What a good idea.

  3. love love love :)

    i want to make one next yr and frame it!