Friday, January 13, 2012

pom pom necklace

so i'm just now posting about some of my christmas gift creations...better late than never right?! here is one of the BEST purchases i have made in a long time. i bought this collection of stretchy grey fabric from joann's remnant section, it cost me $2.29 {because remnants are half off} ...and made five necklaces and maybe sixteen hair accessories {i made so many i lost count} AND still have left over fabric. it's seriously the fabric that keeps giving :) here is the tutorial for the pom pom 'bib' necklace. i found this via pinterest and followed it over to little miss mama. i used a different type of fabric than her...i found this one was easier to manipulate..{and insanely cheap}

a low temperature glue gun is best...depends on the thickness of your fabric
you'll see later on that you pinch the fabric around the glue dot
i don't want your fingers to burn!

an additional half off that ... LOVE that remnant price :)

this has three chains with clasps and everything
reg $3.99 at michaels, but i used my 40% coupon 
and it was $2.39...steal!

cut five felt circles out..they don't have to be perfect because you'll be covering them up.

cut tons of circles out from the fabric about the same size as your felt circle.
i layered the fabric so i could cut multiple at a time.

using the glue gun, put a dot in the middle of the circle
then take your fingers and pinch the middle together.

keep pinching different sides and kind of tweak the fabric so it gathers like so
then hold the bottom {where the glue is} until it holds independently. 

the nice thing is that you don't have to make them all the same
...each one unique in their own way... :)
i went ahead and made a whole gallon ziplock bag amount of them.

take your circle felt, add a glue dot and place the little guy on top
and continue to do so..surrounding the first one you put down.

hot glue three of the pom pom's to your felt.

glue the ends of your necklace on top of the last two pom pom's.

flip them over and glue them to the felt
then cut out and trim around the pom pom's.

and you're done!

safe to say this necklace cost me $1.50 to make
probably even cheaper..but i wanted to cover everything
{chain, felt, fabric used, glue stick for the glue gun}


  1. Well I LOVE my hair clip like this :)

  2. Ohhhh so cute and perfect! And I love gray!!!

  3. Oh, that turned out so great! And it looks so super easy. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. SO MUCH FUN! i have been wanting to make these for such a long time and now I must :D love you my crafty little friend!