Monday, January 23, 2012

left overs + hot glue = necklace

my last few days of freedom {before school started} i came across this pinterest idea. the boy was away on drill and i was home alone...debating on cleaning the kitchen or a craft...hmmm crafting won :) i kind of threw together a bunch of left overs..added some hot glue and made a necklace. the pearls i bought years ago from the dollar store and have used them for christmas decorations. the ribbon was left over from something i did {can't remember}. and the heart and other doo~dad were from a bag of beads i bought for a bracelet...originally i wasn't planning on using them, however my knots to connect the ribbon and pearls were not so pretty. so this was my attempt to cover them up. 

i'm pretty happy with how it turned out
it's amazing what you can find around the house :)
thank you yet again pinterest.

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