Monday, January 9, 2012

winter decor

i think i speak for pretty much everyone that taking down christmas decorations is just sad and a tad depressing. this year i crafted more winter'ish decorations so i could keep it up all january and not feel the after christmas blues when we came home from vacation. here's a little something i did earlier december and still have up in our apartment :)

big time inspiration from kelle hampton
for fall she hung scrape book paper leaves
then i saw on pinterest a suggestion to add snow flakes
i used small eye hooks and fishing wire to hang everything
found the branch at school...i think it's included in the tuition i pay.

the boy calls it our toilet tree branch :)

cut different sizes of q~tips and hot glue together
cut toilet paper rolls 1/2 inch to 1 inch width
paint and sprinkle with glitter
hot glue together
twisted pipe cleaners together and added beads

our make~shift mantle 
ikea shelf drilled in above the fire place.

hemp, yarn and a button.

clear ornaments from the dollar tree, some stuffed with hemp yarn and some glittered 
others i used water down glue to adhere newspaper, added sparkles and sealed with modge podge. 

similar to a past post..upside down tea light holders
instead of candy corn..hemp and yarn.

 my favorite part is that when i open the front door the first thing i see is 
our mirror reflecting the mantle and toilet tree snowflake branch ;)


  1. Oh gosh I love the toilet roll tree branch thingamajigger! Soo cute!

  2. i'm jealous of your craftiness; everything you did looks soo pretty.

    and i love how you made more "wintery" decorations, so you could keep them up that much longer. i think i may have to borrow that idea. :)