Tuesday, January 31, 2012

trading tv for worship

i love having background noise. while doing homework.chores.cleaning.cooking.crafting. lately my background noise has been tv shows on netflix...episode after episode has been playing the past few weeks while i go about doing whatever needed to be done around the house. a couple days ago i came home from work to the boy playing 'how he loves us' on his guitar. i felt a tug on my heart. a thought popped into my head, 'now this is background noise'. he continued to play while i cooked dinner and i reflected on these last weeks. there has been a difference in my attitude.thoughts.perspective. i decided to substitute my tv shows for worship music for a week...it's been four days now, and i can't even begin to say how much of a blessing it's been. i've added david crowder band's 'how he loves us' with the lyrics...i can seriously have this song on repeat for hours.


  1. This song has been playing in my head all day. I do the same thing, put a show on just for the noise. I'm gonna start playing worship music though, good idea:)

  2. You are so right on this!! I have to play worship music while I'm making dinner cause it's gets crazy with the two littles and I tend to stress out =( Helps keep me calm haha