Monday, January 2, 2012

recovering from vacation

so i've kind of spent the entire morning in bed..getting up only twice
first time was to get the essentials: chocolate, lap top and a candle
second time to make something for the boy to eat on his lunch break
yup...i'm recovering from vacation.

the boy and i managed to get nine days off of work and obligations
then spent it traveling up and down california with the kitty
celebrating the season with our favorite friends and getting some much needed family time in.

it was absolutely amazing and absolutely exhausting
each day jam~packed with coffee dates and familiness
needless to say i stayed very caffeinated the entire 1500 plus miles we drove.

i spent this morning catching up on some much needed blog reading
and even spruced up mine a bit :)
but now its time to start some crazy laundry business and make a grocery list
just wanted to say stop by and say...
happy new year!

our little traveling fam :)
ha...and the husband refusing to take another smiling picture.


  1. Ah haha you are too funny! Those definitely are essentials! How nice it would be to stay in bed all morning.. but alas, my two munchkins make that quite impossible :-p Instead I'm up making oatmeal, nursing, cleaning, etc.. blah blah blah. But I love it! ANYWAY! glad you guys had a great christmas, sounds like loads of fun! And good thing you had all that coffee to keep you going ;-)

  2. SOunds like you had a great 9 days off! :) only the essentials!

  3. Can't wait to read about your adventures!! Sounds like quite the good time!

    And those definitely are essentials.

  4. sounds amazing! happy new year to you, girly:)

    and that picture of you is so freaking cute. i love your hat and those sunglasses!