Tuesday, January 17, 2012

our weekend

here's to a beautiful third christmas celebration weekend in oregon. it was a last minute trip, but also a much needed trip to be with and support family through life's craziness. and it was so worth it {fam always comes first}. plus first time seeing my aunt and uncle's new place. gorgeous. and my sister who i usually only get to see once a year..i got to see twice in one month. lucky girl. we were only able to squeeze in a day and a half trip between our work schedules...but it was a wonderful thirty~six hours. our first day was spent looking at waterfalls, lakes, lava tubes, natural bridges..absolutely breathtaking what God does. second day the girls crafted it up. i got a sewing machine from santa :) and my mom re~taught me what i learned back in fifth grade sewing camp. then my aunt showed us how to make lip balm and my mom gave us a tutorial of decorating spoons.

move your eyes to the left of his hand and up a tad
the snowball that i caught on camera..and most definitely not in my hand.

amazing weekend...i love my family.


  1. Uh wow that looks like the best weekend ever. Mountians, snow, family and crafts!?! Sheesh girl you're making me jealous! haha

  2. WOW, i want to be there! That place looks AMAZING, seriously that nature! Talk about GOD, huh?!!! And you made your own lip balm?!