Monday, January 30, 2012

saturday night love

saturday night was one of those perfect nights. after work i rushed home to pick up the boy and we meet one of our most favorite couples at church for the evening service.  then we out to eat using a christmas gift card :) after our stomachs couldn't handle any more complimentary bread, we took our left overs {plus more bread} back to our place. the boys played video games, and we tried not to get in their line of vision as we crafted this together:

i love crafting with nicole because we finish each other sentences
and we get wayyy excited about everything
she's much more enthusiastic about my crafting adventures than the boy
...go figure! 

i had gotten these hearts forever ago on clearance
originally it was two sets of three that were connected together
but we cut them up and hung them from the ceiling instead.

branch look familiar? reused and wrapped in sparkly heart wire.

i made these last year
scrape book pictures cut up and backed on pink paper
then inserted in dollar tree picture frames.
{please excuse the dust..from poking holes in that lovely popcorn ceiling of ours}

this little section of the apartment makes me so happy 
not to mention getting to hang out with both of our boys home
life is good :)


  1. looks really pretty!!! what a fun thing to do, have craft night with your girlfriends! I need one of those!

  2. these crafts are all so pretty, i can't stop looking at them! sounds like a fab weekend, girl:)